Letting go of the label "the rejected one"

A while back I found myself in a bit of a tiff with my parents.

It’s not often that we fight.  In fact, it’s very rare.  But quite honestly, I was in an extremely hard season of my life and unfortunately my parents became the ones I unapologetically purged my anger out on. And (praise the Lord) they didn’t mind it the majority of the time.  

This specific day though, I found myself once again obnoxiously crying on my parents porch and processing with them a certain person’s actions in my life.  This person had really hurt me —like BAD.  It threw me for an emotional loop for a solid 6 months.  

Most of the time my parents would simply sit, listen, and validate my feelings.  But this day, I found them seemingly taking the other person’s side. (Sidenote:  Looking back now they were only speaking truth that I needed to hear.  Thanks mom and dad.)  

WHAT???? HOW DARE THEY!!!!!! I quietly thought to myself as I found myself a hot boiling mess…

Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer as I exploded out loud, “I’M THE REJECTED ONE HERE!!!!!!!!!”  


All of the sudden it occurred to me I was carrying something I never in my right mind thought I would do.  I was carrying the label “victim.”  Or, “the rejected one.”  And I was allowing this person’s actions to dictate my beliefs about my identity.  

It was humbling to realize —considering I teach this stuff. 

(Insert hand to face emoji).


Later that night I found myself lying on my floor, desperately asking the Lord how to get rid of this crippling label “the rejected one.”  

I realized it wasn’t as easy as it seems.  

Holding on to feeling like a “victim” created this illusion of safety for some reason. Like…for me to actually let this go and believe I’m “chosen” again because that’s what God says about me felt pretty vulnerable and scary.  I knew it required an element of faith.  

Eventually I felt the Lord reveal something to me.  And though this seems like basic truth, I believe some of us need to be reminded of this today.   

No matter the season, we will ALWAYS have an opportunity to allow people and circumstances to dictate our beliefs about our identity.  However, we will never actually thrive in the calling he has for us until we learn to live from the unseen. Until we learn to live with conviction of who HE says we are.    

In the natural it looks like I’m “rejected,” but God says I’m chosen!   

And his word MUST trump my perceived reality.  


My question for you is this...

Are there specific people in your life that you have allowed to dictate your perceptions of how you see yourself?  

My prayer is that you will draw near to God and begin to ask Him who He says you are.  I pray he gives you the strength to stand your ground and hold on tightly to His words no matter what may come your way.

Yes and Amen :)