Prevention From Cancer --It's Far More Than What You Eat

A couple of weeks ago I had an extremely foreign thought race through my head.  Up until this point, I guess I subconsciously thought of my self as “indestructible.” 

What if I ever got diagnosed with cancer?  I thought to myself.  

More specifically, this thought was in regards to breast cancer.  After hearing of yet another young woman receiving the dreaded news of having a cancerous lump in her breast, I guess it finally occurred to me that, I too, could shockingly receive this news at any point in my life.  

It didn’t take long though for the Holy Spirit’s voice to interrupt my vicious, abnormally fearful thoughts.

Janae, No!  Holy Spirit said.

Haven’t you learned anything I’ve taught you these past few years?

The Lord quickly brought me back to reality.  And though some of you are probably already reading this thinking, ”Oh no, does she actually believe that her reality is that she’ll never get diagnosed with cancer?!”  Honestly, I don’t know.  But what I do know is what I’ve learned.  I’ve learned A LOT about prevention.  And if there's one passion I desire to completely immerse myself in for the rest of my life, it’s this:  I long to see an entire generation emotionally and spiritually healthy.  And out of this reality, the physical health will follow…I’m convinced.  


After working at an inner-healing ministry for just a few short years, I want to share with you 2 major revelations that I’ve learned.  My prayer is that you would take this back before the Lord and sort through this with Him.  My prayer is that He would show you if there's any area in your own life that needs healing and He would reveal His heart towards living in the freedom He made available when Jesus died and defeated sin and death!

1.  It’s a lot easier to keep sickness out then to try to get it out after it has manifested.

Prevention, is a lot easier than reaction and recovery.  And though Jesus died on the cross 2000 years ago to pay for not only our sins but also our illnesses (and God can heal ANYONE from ANYTHING), I believe that prevention is the ultimate goal of the Kingdom.  The goal is that God would not only heal, but then we would break the cycle of trauma so there would not even be a need for a recovery process.  This is called “Kingdom Come.”  Theres no trauma in Heaven!  So I believe our mandate as the church is to seek that trauma no longer exists here on earth!  

This is why the process of inner-healing is so important. If this generation proactively sought their healing emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically BEFORE there was a crisis and it became “reactionary,” we would probably see a lot less people suffering physically. Not to mention, these people will be breaking off the cycles of darkness and trauma over their own lives, and we could see an entire new generation arise that no longer needs the recovery process; that is, because their parents decided to break these cycles off their family lines once and for all!  

Call me an idealist, but I believe we have not even come close to accessing what “Kingdom come” truly looks like.  

So what is inner-healing?  

The desire of inner-healing prayer is that people would be taken before the Lord (who ultimately knows everything inside of them, far beyond what they could ever know of themselves) and have Him illuminate areas within their lives that darkness has been permitted to take root.  From what I've experienced (even after one's salvation), many people still have a need to forgive those who have wronged them, and they have a need to heal from any areas of pain and trauma within their lives. I like to believe this is a part of the process of sanctification.  We are whole --however, we are still being made whole too. The good news is at salvation we receive Jesus, and with Him we can face ANY area of our lives filled with shame, darkness, pain, etc..  From his foundation of safety, we can invite His love and peace to fill all those memories, enable us to forgive, and finally heal.    

2.  Forgiveness is a major key to prevention.  

From my personal observations (among many other researchers), I've often witnessed a direct correlation between people who have been diagnosed with cancer and unforgiveness.  And let me preface this by saying, there is no condemnation for those of you who have been diagnosed with cancer or struggle with any illness.  Most of the time, people have been deeply wronged and they long to forgive but do not even know how or what this looks like practically; which is why inner-healing is so important.  Because even if there's pain and bitterness inside someone unbeknownst to the person, eventually the Lord will reveal this him or her in prayer so the person can walk through the process of releasing that offense over to Him!  

True story, one of the prayer ministers at my work led a guy (who had been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer) through ONE prayer session where the guy realized how hurt and angry he still was by his father.  This man decided to get in touch with all the suppressed pain within him so he could truly forgive his dad and release him over to God.  Ever since he forgave and blessed his father, this man's process of defeating cancer was turned around.  He came in with a death diagnosis spoken over his life, and now he has been completely cancer free for over a year.  COME ON! 


The sad, unfortunate reality is that unforgiveness can completely demolish you.  Personally, I’ve watched some very close relatives manifest some ugly, life-threatening illnesses that eventually revealed all of their suppressed anger and bitterness they had never given permission to surface.  Not to mention, all the people who have come in to my work seeking physical healing, only to find out hear traumatic life-stories!  When I hear these stories I find myself thinking, “Well no duh they’re sick.  Their body couldn’t take the pain and bitterness anymore so it manifested itself physically.”  

The problem is, often times we tell ourselves we have forgiven someone when in all actuality we have not —mostly because we don’t even know how, or what this looks like practically.  

Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood concepts in my opinion.  This is why Jesus says in Matthew 18 to “Forgive from the heart.” 

Key words:  Forgive ***from the heart.

So what is real forgiveness you might ask?

Well for starters, forgiveness has absolutely nothing to do with the other person.  It never condones what the person did.  It actually has everything to do with you —and your own well-being.  

Simply put, forgiveness is letting go of the infectious poison caused by offense within you, giving it over to the Lord, and stepping into an act of trust to believe that God sees, God knows, and He will take care of it —because He is the God of justice! I always imagine the moment people truly forgive (not just from their heads but from their hearts) it is like they are inviting God to put his hand deep inside of them and uproot every bad, unhealthy seed that has been planted within them, so they can begin to spring forth good fruit in their lives once again.  

It’s also important to not, we do not just forgive for the ways we have been wronged, but we forgive for unfulfilled expectations as well. If there’s a source of pain in your heart —whether you were wronged by someone or you were let-down and disappointed —there’s a need to forgive.

I’d highly suggest watching my coworker’s video he posted on youtube (which I will include at the end of this blog) to watch the method we use to help people forgive.

Essentially, it's important to get in touch will all the suppressed emotions, anger, and thoughts you might have towards this person.  It’s then important to out-loud purge whatever words come to mind that you might need to say. Preferably you’d picture the person in your imagination, but not actually say this to their face...saying it to one's face can be damaging at times!  Purging out your emotions can be by yourself, or with a safe person.  But the point is, whatever is in you needs to get out.  You can curse, scream, name call….I don’t care.  Just get it out!

And then you speak out “I forgive you for_______.”  Don’t be afraid to get specific. 

And lastly, “I bless you with ________.”  

In my opinion, the blessing is when the relief comes into play.


You guys, I long to see an entire region cancer free.  We’ve been praying for this at my work, and I cannot ignore the vitality of proactively getting healthy emotionally and spiritually!  

We can beat cancer and illness HEAD ON.  The question is, are you willing to put in the front work…that is…before there's a crisis?  

I’m convinced we can see a lot more lives live in a healthy prevention state and never have to face the ugly disease.  I absolutely HATE cancer.  I hate sickness.  

I want to see us go after this head on.  

Ya'll ready?  

Come on Jesus!!!!!!!!