Made for Connection

Over the past few years of working at an inner-healing ministry and meeting with Christian individuals, I’ve increasingly become aware of a common theme within people’s lives.  Many individuals find themselves frustrated and angry at God that they’re not experiencing breakthrough in their lives (via finances, physical health, spiritual health, emotional stability, addictions, relationships, etc..); however when I ask them about their daily routines of seeking a relationship with the Lord, more-often-than-not these people admit to spending barely any time with Him —if any at all. (Honestly, most actually mistake my question by answering what kind of bible study they’re in, or small group, or the ways they volunteer at church, etc..)     

This continually breaks my heart.  

One lady I met with in particular, was a 79 year old lady (the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet) who confessed to me that she has spent YEARS trying to find “inner-healing” and breakthrough in her life from her childhood trauma, but has quite frankly only experienced the opposite.  She proceeded to tell me all the Christians she had met with to help her find a sense of peace and stability; however, when I asked her if any of these people had ever taken her before the Lord to connect with him, she couldn’t recall even one. She then admitted to attending church her entire life, but was always “feeling” on the outskirts of the Kingdom;   like God was everyone else’s father, but she was still the orphan looking at the family she always longed for (but wasn’t allowed in).  

[And for those of you whose hearts are melting right now, I feel you.  It was such an honor to have a lady sitting in front of me —50 years older than I am —humble herself before me and confess to feeling like she's never known the Lord.]

I think the part of her story that jerked me the most, was the fact that this lady has spent long days and countless years seeking healing, fighting off the “enemy,” looking for areas within her life that she needs deliverance, but never actually connecting with the healer himself —when EVERY PART of her being was created for connection with Him. 

And out of this connection, flows the radical freedom she's been searching for. 

Far too often people live their entire lives missing out on the one thing they were created for —which is God (and His manifest presence).  We seek all these things right in front of us (especially religious stuff) because we fall for the illusion that it will bring us freedom and joy, but we never experience the true satisfaction that is found in the person of Jesus; not reading the bible, not worship services, or church settings, or God’s people.  No, I’m talking the true satisfaction that can ONLY be found in Him.  Even Jesus tells the pharisees in John 5:39-40, “You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life!” 

Every part of your being was created for God.  Not because of what you can get from Him, not because He brings freedom and breakthrough, not because of (whatever you fill in the blank); you were created for God —simply because He loves relationship and intimacy.

Finding pleasure and delighting in the sweetness of His presence is your soul’s true home.  

I’m convinced this is why David was a man after God’s own heart.  Nobody actually wants the kind of friend who just hangs out with them solely because of what they can get —which is why God’s favor was placed upon David’s life.  David sought God simply because he LOVED God.  He would spend hours upon hours ministering to the Lord, singing to Him, shouting to him, and declaring his love for all the world to see.  Which is why he was able to say (in my paraphrase), “Wow God, you truly do satisfy…better than the richest of feast, or the sweetest wine, or the approval of man!  Your love is better than life itself!”  

David encountered what everyone deeply longs for —whether they know it or not.  

I heard Eric Gilmore say something that wrecked me for days.  He started talking about the expression “Jesus, you’re beautiful” and said he had always wondered what people meant when they were saying this.  “Are they talking about His white hair?  Or His eyes of fire?  What are they actually meaning by telling Him He is beautiful?”  That is, until one day the Holy Spirit revealed to Eric the depths of this expression.  Eric said he realized that when we say “Jesus you’re beautiful” it’s because when our soul looks at Him it recognizes its true home.  So when we look to Jesus, our soul is being pulled like a magnet by the attractiveness of finding the place of we actually belong.  And out of that comes the fullness of the satisfaction and joy we’ve always longed for.  

I don’t know about you, but even writing that out, I’m still wrecked….

When we look to Jesus, His beauty is overwhelming.  Because we find our soul’s home.  


I realize at this point some of you are probably thinking, “Okay Okay...I know I need to connect with God, but how the heck do I actually connect with him?!” Well, for starters if you live in Orlando you should come do what we call “God encounters” at the Glennon House (wink wink).    

However, here’s my biggest encouragement.  .

The greatest decision I probably ever made in my life was deciding one thing...

To show up —every day —to spend intentional time with this invisible God who “apparently” satisfies. 

I made this decision 6 years ago and there is no turning back.  For a full year and a half I didn’t leave my house before I sat on my porch and hung out with Jesus, and it completely ruined me in the best way possible.  It started as a sacrifice, but quickly turned into an overwhelming joy.  Now my morning times with Him are the highlight of my day.  They sustain me.  And they overflow into the rest of my day as I leave my house.

Now I’m an addict of His presence.  

It doesn’t mean I’m perfect BY ANY MEANS.  It doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. It doesn’t mean I have complete breakthrough in every area of my life.  

However, it does mean I have a refuge; and I have found where I belong no matter what temptation or trial may come my way.  

It's like a marriage. The foundation of intimacy flows from the bedroom —emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. A covenantal relationship apart from intentional intimacy will leave both parties extremely dissatisfied and searching for it elsewhere.

I’d like to encourage you to show up.  Daily.  Simply to get to know Him.  I can promise you if you keep showing up (with no intentions other than growing your love), your sacrifice of time will eventually become your joy.  It’ll change your life. I promise. Just be patient and give it time.  He says, “If you seek me…you WILL find me.”  

Keep knocking my friends.  Keep showing up.  He will NOT let you down.  He's too much of a radical lover to ever do such a thing.  

I have a spontaneous song I've been singing to Jesus over and over, however I have not recorded it yet.  Heres a song off my first album that I sang to Jesus for a year thinking to myself "Yea...I'll definitely never play this for anyone. Too scandalous."  But then I did...=)