Hey YOU! Lighten Up A Little

A couple of days ago, as I found myself once again rolling over on the floor DYING laughing until I found it hard to breath, I had an epiphany.  For those of you who have spent even a short amount of time with me, you know one thing —I have the most obnoxious laugh.  And once you get me started, it takes me a serious amount of effort to stop.  

This is me.  

I’ve been this way ever since I can remember.  

So a few days ago, as my coworkers were staring at me probably wondering how the heck I could be laughing SO HARD for SO LONG, I began to ask myself a question…

What exactly is it — specifically in me —that has the ability to laugh and experience joy in extreme measures?  

And though I probably have multiple psychological answers as to why this is true (starting with the obvious factor of having an abnormally nurturing and healthy childhood), I must say Holy Spirit answered this question far louder than my logical explanation.

"Janae, you have a call on your life to call people back into pleasure with me.” 

Honestly I’ve known this for a while now, but God once again confirmed to me that my laugh is anointed. It might sound crazy, but Holy spirit is in the business of settin’ people free —and He uses people and laughter to do just that.


This revelation has led me even deeper on a journey of asking the Lord about childlikeness.  God, what does it ACTUALLY mean to be childlike?  What do you mean when you say we must become like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

And though we could probably spend the rest of our lives discovering the depths of childlikeness before God —I want to briefly discuss pleasure and play.  Because if there's one conclusion we all can make about children, it’s that kids have one thing on their mind at just about all times...seeking pleasure, laughter, and play in every decision they make! 


I realize when looking at this statement “seeking pleasure, laughter and play in every decision” in all of our perceptions of maturity and adulthood, we look at this and think it screams “IRRESPONSIBILITY!!!”  

But WHAT IF…that’s NOT actually true?  

WHAT IF seeking pleasure, laughter, and play —with the Holy Spirit leading us —was actually the way we were called to live?  

WHAT IF there was a healthy version of this lifestyle when under submission to the Lord’s leading?  

Personally, I’d like to propose to you that there is.  

I by no means want to condone irresponsibility and I’m definitely not saying life is supposed to easy at all times, but God is the author of laughter and pleasure and we were created in His image! The problem is, the enemy is out to steal, kill, and destroy our ability to experience these things.  He's out to steal our joy and suck the fun out of every believer in order keep them bound in religious heaviness; the kind of heaviness that tells us we need to “work, work, work” and make life happen for God.  LIES.  That’s a fast track to burnout. 

Even just the other day, in all of my desires to be childlike, I had a vision of Jesus looking at me saying “JANAE STOP!  Stop trying to make life happen!!!! LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE!!!”  Because I had quickly gotten caught back in that stupid performance trap. It's far too easy to do if we're not aware of it.  

The good news is…the devil has been exposed!  

Once we understand exactly what Christ did for us and what being “covered in the blood” actually means,  we are set free to spend our lives in radical thankfulness, celebration, laughter, and FREEDOM (no matter our circumstances)!  We no longer have to perform for God.  We longer have to “make a movement” for God. And we actually…under the realm of unconditional love…are free to FAIL!!!  Because failure is no longer what we fear now that we are children of God who are loved without conditions.

Can you imagine if the church was known for their laughter?!  I don't know one person who doesn't like having me around them when I find them funny.  And I cannot tell you how many people simply reach out to me because they are in need of laughter or in need of a good time.  Well, what if the lost knew they could reach out to Christians if they were in need of joy?  Or having a fun time?

WOAH.  Game Changer my friends!!!

We'd start seeing people running to the Church to find Jesus.  

You guys, far too often I sit in appointments looking at Christian individuals who have absolutely NO joy.  And their hearts are beautiful and pure, but they’re trapped in religiousness. They're stuck in the idea of finding a destination, or the mentality of "When am I ever going to get this right?!"  Well, guess what.  Here on earth you are in a process of healing...but sin and imperfections have already been defeated at the cross.  

So my suggestion is, LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE! :) 


If you're reading this and finding yourself stuck in this trap….I have a challenge for you this week.

With the help and communication of the Holy Spirit, begin to ask yourself in every decision you make:  How can I seek HOLY pleasure, laughter, and play today?  I’m convinced when we start simply communing with Holy Spirit and making pleasure and joy with Jesus our one thing —He propels us into ministry. (And no, this doesn't mean you have to have "quiet time" all day.  That's stupid religiousness too.  Go do your life!  Have fun!  And bring His pleasure and joy with you everywhere you go!

Because it’s not up to us to make life happen.  

All we got to do is look to Him and obey! He's a lot more fun than you think :)  

Actually, He's hilarious.  For real.