My Food is to do the will of My Father

“My Food is to do the will of Him who sent me” (John 4:34).  

For those of you who are anything like me, you probably find yourself laughing with (or at) Jesus when He turns to His disciples, after they were urging Him to eat something, and tells them “My food…is to do the will of my Father.” 

Leave it up to Jesus to always be throwing us for a loop, defying the laws of nature, and introducing us to this inside-upside-down supernatural Kingdom —that our minds couldn’t even begin to comprehend (just in case you’re wondering the commentary of Janae as she reads the bible…).  

Jesus introduces us to the reality that our source CANNOT come from bread alone, but off of God Himself and taking part of His will so that what He started will come to completion.

I don’t know about you…but I have found myself over the years asking the Lord what Jesus is really talking about here.  A few years back, God gave me a revelation that I would like to share.  


Back in 2013 there was a conference in Orlando that a few of my friends and I attended.  Specifically, we heard about this lady named Heidi Baker coming to speak.  If any of you don’t know who Heidi Baker is, let me just tell you.  

Heidi is crazy —in the best way possible. I often find myself mesmerized at her in amazement as she worships.  She is so in love that (quite frankly) I have caught myself staring at her wondering if I even know God. Not that I don’t think I could ever be that in love with Him, but for those of you who have seen her speak, you know what I’m talking about.  Her way of speaking is getting on her knees and crying out to God as she takes every person in the room before His presence in a way they’ve probably never been before.  Not to mention, Heidi has a ministry in Mozambique where just about every deaf person she has prayed for has received their hearing.  She's a woman who could at this point in her life live luxuriously, but yet she chooses to burn with love for this nation and live amongst them in the slumps. 

So back to the conference…

After about an hour and a half of worship, Heidi comes out to speak and sure enough gets right on her face before God and begins to lead people into a time of extended worship.  Eventually, people were falling on the floor getting delivered from demonic spirits, and radically encountering the Holy Spirit.  It truly was an experience I’ll never forget.  Heidi ended up not speaking, because something was happening in the room that couldn’t be explained.  Just about the only thing she did was read 2 Corinthians 3, which in itself will have you on the floor in worship because it’s so powerful.

So heres where my part of the story comes in…

After about 3 hours of being at this conference, I must say at that point I had completely checked out.  Many of my friends were encountering the Lord, however, I found myself thinking about three things:  

When is my ride leaving? I need to pee.  And if I don’t eat food RIGHT NOW I think I might starve to death.  

Just being honest over here people…

This was right about the time that Heidi walked off stage, only to make sure we had permission to stay in the building as long as we needed.  Heidi then came back on stage and said, “You guys, we’re not leaving here until every person gets prayed for and encounters the Lord” as she began to walk into the crowd of people and minister to every person she walked by.  And ALL I could think about in that moment was …”God, how the heck does she do it?  How does she choose to be so present with people and You, that the last thing on her mind is her physical needs?”  

Heidi has obviously COMPLETELY died to herself.  And as much as I wanted that to be true for myself, I didn’t understand how that could ever fully be a reality for me.  It felt so unattainable.  

That is…until a few weeks later when God answered my question loud and clear.


A couple weeks later after the conference, I got a phone call from my mom asking me to go pray with her over a distant cousin who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.  This boy was 17 years old and had been given a short time to live.  When she asked me to go with her to pray, my answer was “of course!”  However, deep in my heart it honestly felt extremely vulnerable to go pray over someone in FULL faith believing they will be healed, when I knew that if God didn’t actually show up then nothing was going to happen.  

Praying over people with terminal illnesses is one of the quickest ways for you to recognize your desperate need for God.  Clearly, you cannot heal that person in your own strength. 

That day, as we walked into the hospital room and began to pray over this boy, something came over me.  The power of God himself came upon me as I began to recognize that it is GOD who heals —not me.  It humbled me…and hungered me for the things of Heaven.  It reminded me of the verse in Matthew 5 when Jesus says, “Blessed are those who are poor in spirit and recognize their need for God —for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs!” When we recognize our total dependence upon him, God pours His Kingdom upon us. Which by the way, the boy we prayed for lived!  He is alive and well! YES LORD!!!!!!!!

That day as I walked back to my car from the hospital room, I began to drive to work and listen to worship music.  Let me just say, I’ll NEVER forget the worship experience I had as I was driving.  

Something came over me as I started to sing; which led me to laughing, and crying, and then shouting "HALLELUJAH THANK YOU GOD!!" A hunger within me that had not been awake in a very long time began to arise again, as the things that were dead in me were being brought back to life.  

And then BAM!! Revelation came flooding into my spirit as the Lord took me back to the conference with Heidi Baker…

I felt Holy Spirit say, “Janae, this is how Heidi does it.  Her food is to do My will.  She spends her entire life praying over people in Mozambique and seeing my Kingdom come in these people’s lives.  And the more she does it, the more she wants it! This is what she craves.”       


You guys, it is Heidi’s overflowing joy to lay her life down before people on a daily basis and see them encounter the Lord —this is her new nourishment. And this reality is what we're all called to now that Jesus has handed us the keys to the Kingdom!  When we boldly step into this Kingdom lifestyle, we can retrain ourselves to find our source of joy and strength through Him and completing His work here on earth..over anything else in the natural! (Disclaimer: I realize theres another side to this as well. It is important take care of yourself, so please don't think I'm saying that by any means!)

My encouragement for you is this...make a commitment this week to start asking the Lord, “God, what steps can I take to begin partaking in Your will here on earth?” 

And I can assure you, this does not mean getting caught up and busy in (meaningless) church work.  

I know for me, the Lord gives me practical steps, but it also requires attuning to Him everywhere I go. God will lead you in releasing His Kingdom.  He will lead you to the orphans, and the widows, and loving the unloved, and healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead, etc..(which is what it says to be His will ALL throughout Scripture).  

So whose with me?  Whose ready to feed off something far greater than anything in the natural could ever satisfy?  And yes, I'm currently preaching to myself as well.  This is a lot easier said than done, but WE CAN DO THIS!   

I believe in you (and me).