Breakthrough --Directly Attached to Living Without offeNse

Lately the Lord has been teaching me some hard lessons.  And though they seem excruciatingly painful and practically impossible to live out in the moment, I’m realizing these principles are what’s going to set me up for sustainable success in the long run.  It’s what will propel me to living in the fulfillment of my dreams —and I’ll thank Him later for it.  


For starters, I’m learning that breakthrough in our lives is directly attached to our ability to forgive —and live without offense.

I could tell you countless stories of people I meet with on a daily basis who are sitting around angry at God for not giving them what they’ve asked for and they feel stuck; but yet, when you look closely at their lives you realize how angry and offended they are at the people who have wronged them.  And rightfully so…I get it.  Many people have been brutally mistreated, betrayed, unloved, abused, etc.  It makes sense why they’d be angry.  

The harsh reality though is that un-forgiveness is only harming you—not them.  Often we think if we stay angry we will protect ourselves from more hurt, but that way of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth.  I believe one of the harshest concepts Jesus ever talked about in Scripture is forgiveness (Matthew 18).  It was purely out of the kindness of His heart, because He knows the disgusting poison that takes root when we choose to let our wounds fester.  

When we choose to hand over our offense to God, and let Him be the judge (not us), this will propel us into the fulfillment of our destiny.  


Over the past couple of weeks God has led me to two different stories within Scripture that have been hardcore reiterating what He's been teaching me.  Specifically, the reality that breakthrough is directly attached to living un-offended.  

  1. The story of Job

I don’t know about you, I’ve heard this story multiple times in my life, but rarely ever did I hear the small little detail at the end of the story (that I believe changes EVERYTHING).  Job had everything taken from him by the enemy.  This includes his wife, kids, his belongings, and his personal health.  And not only that, but Job had some loud-mouth friends who tried to condemn him and get him to turn his back on God.  But heres the kicker ****Job’s breakthrough came when God at the end of the story told Job to PRAY FOR HIS FRIENDS.  This is when God returned everything back tenfold.  I’m pretty sure Job’s heart had to be pure (and unoffended) to pray for his friends in order for God to actually reward him for it.  I’m convinced, Job’s prayer exemplified forgiveness towards His friends, which led to endless blessing and total restoration.

2.  The story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) 

This second story was definitely a new revelation for me.  Personally, over the years I’ve read Joseph’s story and honestly been quite annoyed that he had to go through YEARS of hardship before restoration came.  I used to find myself wrestling with God about the “waiting” season for Joseph, asking the Lord why the heck it took so long to see his dream fulfilled and family restored.  But this time around, God showed me something new.  (And yes…feel free to take this before God because the bible doesn’t actually say this.) But I felt the Lord show me that the reason why it was YEARS in the waiting, was because Joseph was so deeply wounded by being sold into slavery by his brothers, that God had to heal his heart and bring him into forgiveness before God’s plan could ever be fulfilled.  The breakthrough in Joseph’s story, and God ultimately moving his entire family to Egypt to save them from the famine of the land, could not have actually happened if Joseph didn’t choose to forgive his brothers.  The fulfillment of God's plan was directly attached to Joseph choosing to be un-offended.  


You guys, the most beautiful prayer we can pray no matter how wounded we feel by someone is the words Jesus prayed for us, “Father forgive them.  They know not what they do.” When we see the person through Jesus' eyes, we can begin to see them above our pain and let God deal with them --not us.  He's the one who knows the person's true heart far more than we ever could.  He is the God of justice.  

I’d encourage you to ask the Lord to reveal to you if theres any offense in your life that you need to get rid of and hand over to him. 

I’m convinced there is massive blessing waiting for all of us on the other side of our pain.  

We got this!  Come on breakthrough!!!!!!!!


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