Decision Making Made Easy (AKA...God is a Good Father)

Lately I’ve been in a time of making some pretty hard decisions.  And not just any decisions, but ones that involve my heart —my vulnerable and precious heart that I’ve sought so hard to protect.  

But heres what I’m learning, if God truly is a good father (which he is), then there’s absolutely no pressure to “get it right.” 

If our hearts are fully open and surrendered to Him, then even if we hear inaccurately and begin to pursue the wrong decision…don’t you think God is a good enough father to show us?  Think about it —no earthly father in a healthy parent/child relationship would tell his little girl the right way to live, and let her pursue the opposite of what’s good for her if her desire is to genuinely obey and listen to her father’s guidance.  At some point, the earthly father would gently show her the right way until she understood him correctly.

I’m convinced that God is too good of a father to let us hear inaccurately when our hearts are fully surrendered to what He is actually saying.  That is, unless hearing inaccurately is for our benefit. (I do think theres an exception when He lets us hear inaccurately for a season because He sees the greater good of our lives; but I personally think this is rare.  Often we think we heard something because our hearts aren’t actually willing to hear what He is saying).  

So from the foundation that GOD IS GOOD FATHER, we no longer have to fear decision making.  There's NO path we could take that God can’t redeem —or intervene

I believe decision making is less about “getting it right” and more about your heart.  

If your hearts right, I can promise you God’s got your back.  He will show you. 


"Sometimes our greatest war song is sung in the form of a lullaby."  So here's what I'm singing over myself....